Welcome to World War II Consulting and Educational Programs

Located in Maine, USA, I provide consulting services on WWII artifact identification for museums, historical societies, theater productions, and other organizations, as well as private individuals. My knowledge is based on 40 years of studying WWII history, including research on uniforms, weapons and equipment of that time period.

My personal collection of WWII artifacts is a traveling educational exhibit. For more than 30 years I have presented programs using this exhibit at schools, veterans’ organizations, and community events. All exhibit items are inert, empty and/or made inoperable for public safety.

The main focus is not to glorify but rather the explanation of the horror, death and destruction of World War Two; remembering those who fought, why they fought and to keep their memories alive.

Questions about identifying a specific WWII artifact?
Interested in a WWII history program for your organization in the New England area?
Doug Culver at:       douglas_culver@ hotmail.com

Professional Associations, Past and Present:

Canton Maine Historical Society
New England Museum Association
New Hampshire Historical Society
Aviation Museum of New Hampshire
Fort Devens Museum
Wright Museum of WWII History
57th Bomb Wing Association (life member)
Military Vehicle Preservation Association
American Society of Military Insignia
Federal Firearms License

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  1. Patrick Adams says:

    This is excellent…and exactly the kind of thing I am trying to get started here in central Texas. My collection is not quite as impressive as yours, but a lot of people really appreciate it, and I enjoy showing my things and talking about WW II. I have been into a couple of schools and to some community events with my things as well. The best of luck to you. I would like to connect with you some time and get some ideas and/or advice from you. Thanks for what you are doing!!

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