Exhibit Photo Gallery


D-Day presentation and display at the Canton Historical Society. June 6, 2019. Thank you to Prudy, Jerry and Julie for the photos.


June 6, 2019 D-Day presentation at the Canton Historical Society.


Doug shows how the WW2 parachute operates during the D-Day presentation at the Canton Historical Society, June 6, 2019.

June 6, 2019 D-Day Presentation at the Canton Historical Society

June 6, 2019 D-Day Presentation and Display for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day


Trying on a WW2 Army Air Corps emergency parachute

WW2 Japanese items on display

Doug explains some of the WW2 Japanese items on display. And, with Thanks to Prudy Adams for the Great photos

Learning how a flame thrower was used in World War Two

The audience learning about several awards of the Medal of Honor during WW2.

How do you get out of all this when the plane is going down?? Doug explains how it is done.

Explaining how the paratroopers jumped from planes.

Doug shows the different types of air crew equipment

Trying on a WW2 Air Crew Flak Vest

Explaining how a WW2 rocket Launcher (Bazooka) operates in combat

Doug tells the story of James “Red” Martin, B-25 pilot, 486th Bomb Squadron

Telling the story of James R. Davidson, tail gunner of the B-25 “Yankee Doodle Dandy”

Looking to see what is in the WW2 musette bag carried by parachute troops in WW2. Canton Maine Historical Society, November 2018


WW2 presentation at the American Legion Hall, Post 112, Oxford, Maine, August 2018.


Doug’s WW2 presentation at the Canton Town Hall for Veteran’s Day, November 2017

WW2 veteran Bernard Adams views Doug’s artifacts during the presentation. Bernard served with the 4th Infantry Division in WW2.

Doug explains the operation of WW2 parachutes. Canton, Maine Town Hall

An audience member tries on a WW2 bomber crew flak jacket. Canton Town Hall, Veterans Day, November 2018


Doug answers questions during his WWII exhibit.

The audience is shown how a WWII flamethrower operates.

Doug offers his WWII presentation to schools, libraries, veterans groups, and other organizations.


“What They Carried” WWII Presentation, at the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire.
Doug Culver begins the presentation by talking about D-Day paratroopers.

Doug explains WWII equipment.

The presentation includes hands-on demonstrations of WWII equipment. Members of the audience are encouraged to participate.

Following the presentation, Doug is available to answer questions.


Doug talks to a group of school students about WW2 equipment at the Fort Devens Museum

High school history students learn about WW2 equipment at the Fort Devens Museum.


WW2 display at a historical society


Learning how a WW2 Army Air Corps parachute operates


WW2 German MG34





“Wild Bill” Guarnere signs Doug’s replica St Mere Eglise road sign, June 2013, Reading WW2 Air Show.

William “Wild Bill” Guarnere, WWII paratrooper, 506th Easy Company, 101st Airborne, Band of Brothers, signing Doug’s helmet.


Doug with Jim Davidson, B-25 tail gunner, 486th Squadron

High School History Display 1995. Uniforms of James R. Davidson and Chalmer W. Gustafson.

Doug Culver explains WWII uniforms to a high school history class in the 1980’s



Doug explains the original WW2 para dummy “Ruppert” to the high school students. This Ruppert was found in England, left over from the war.


A 1980’s high school history class learns about WW2



The WW2 presentation includes trying on pieces of equipment, to give the high school students a better understanding.



WWII exhibit in the 1980’s at a high school for the history class students.

Cal Graham, Army anti aircraft gunner on Corregidor, became a prisoner of war by the Japanese. Doug Culver, being very proud standing between these two men!! James R. “Jim” Davidson, B-25 tail gunner, shot down and became a prisoner of war by the Germans.

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